COVID-19-related temporary closure
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Dear Stronghold Members,
We want to take a moment to update you on what’s changed since our last communication.
Our plans to do maintenance work at the gym have been cancelled. Desk staff and routesetters will be on paid leave March 15 - March 31. Staff will apply for unemployment insurance support after this point.
If you need to retrieve an important item from our lost and found or buy an important item for your sanity (like a hangboard), please write us at and we will let you know when it’s possible to come by.
We have received some very kind, unsolicited offers from members to continue to pay their Stronghold dues during our closure. We have decided to allow for a mechanism to do this, but with every cent of these dues going to our staff, not to our other overhead. Our staff are the heart of the gym, and unemployment insurance will only subsidize about 50% of their pay. If you are willing and able to keep paying your membership dues with the understanding that these funds will go to support our staff after their paid leave ends, you may send an email ‘opting-in’ to To be clear, we know that many of you are dealing with a financial crisis of your own right now, and for this reason we would never consider charging you dues during our closure by default.
Some of you have pre-paid or yearly memberships, and we will be extending your membership period by however long the gym is closed.
We want you to do whatever necessary to get through this crisis in good health. Our membership base includes people who have just lost their jobs, people who have been slammed with overwhelming work, medical workers on the front lines, immunocompromised climbers, and many in the age groups most at risk. No matter what you are going through, please be tough and smart, and use those climber skills to hang on.
Before you use this time to roadtrip up to the Eastside or out to Moab, or anywhere else, we ask you to consider that many of our most beautiful climbing areas are in rural places with very few hospital beds. We need to be extremely careful about inadvertently bringing COVID-19 to rural places. There also might be difficulty getting basic supplies and medical care to local residents, nevermind thousands of visitors. We all need to make individual sacrifices to prioritize our collective health and well-being right now. For a view of the situation in Bishop, see here. If you decide to climb locally, please take all precautions possible to stay injury-free, as it would be a bad time to have a climbing or driving accident.
We’re a community, not just a business. Here’s to us all pulling through this time so that we can get back to “pulling through” our creative boulder problems and routes.
Wishing you well,
The Stronghold
The Stronghold Climbing Gym
650 South Avenue 21
Los Angeles, CA 90031
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